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The Ericson Family


(Spelling of the family name above is one of three I've found.  Swedish patrynomics would dictate that the name be spelled Erickson.   I have also found family members spelling the name Ericsson.   Below I am using the common spelling shown above, except in cases where I have evidence of alternate spellings.  This appears to be the most widely-used of the names.)

First Generation

Anders Flod married Kathryn (Unknown), in Sweden.  They had the following children:

Christine Anderson

Anders Anderson

Erick Anderson  born 8 March 1823


Second Generation

Erick Anderson was born 8 March 1823 in Sweden.  He married Kathryn (Unknown) in 1845. Kathryn was born 12 October 1823.  Erick died 22 January 1881 in Vegersburg, Sweden.   Kathryn died 24 October 1885 in Ellington, Chautauqua Co., NY. They had the following children:

Charles Eric Ericson  born 15 Feb. 1846

Sophia Anna Ericson  born 12 Feb. 1848

Christine Charlotte Ericson  born 17 Nov. 1850

John Ericson  born 7 Feb. 1856

Anders Gustaf Ericson  born 28 Dec. 1858

August Erickson  born 3 Aug. 1859

Henry Ericson  born 15 Oct. 1861

Johanna Erica Ericson  born 9 Mar. 1864, died 8 Nov. 1926

Clara Albertina Ericson  born 10 Jan 1868, died 12 Sept. 1868 in Sweden.


Third Generation

Charles Eric Ericson was born in Sweden on 15 Feb. 1846.  He married Breta Christina Anderson, born 4 Oct 1846. Breta died in Kennedy, NY in 1896.  Charles died in Kennedy, NY 31 Dec 1915.  They had the following children:

(Unknown) Ericson

Charles Otto Ericson  born 29 March 1870

Ida Christine Ericson  born 10 Dec 1871

Ernest Augustus Ericson  born 13 May 1873

Emma Louise Ericson  born 13 May 1874

Jennie Josephine Ericson born 12 Sept 1876

Johan Richard Ericson born 3 Dec 1877 in Sweden. He died 12 Mar 1883 in Sweden.

Frank Oscar Ericson  born 23 May 1879 in Sweden.  He died 30 Sept 1879 in Sweden.

Hulda Elizabeth Ericson  born 4 Mar 1881.

Axel Ericson

Sophia Anna Ericson was born in Sweden 12 Feb. 1848.  She married  Lars Wilhelm Anderson 27 April 1879.  Lars was born in Årila, Sweden 20 Aug 1850.  They emigrated to America in 1889.  Lars died 25 April 1903 in Clear Creek, NY.  Sophia died 10 Mar 1923 in Kennedy, NY.  They had the following children:

Gerda Marie Anderson born 11 April 1880.  She died 9 April 1885 in Sweden.

Niles Gustaf Anderson  born 28 Sept 1881.

Anna Rebecca Anderson born 9 April 1883.  She died 22 Nov 1885 in Sweden.

DeLos Gunnar Anderson  born 1 Dec 1884.

Carl Sixton Rudolph Anderson  born 6 Mar 1887.

Ruth Erica Anderson  born 27 Oct 1889.

Vern Albin Anderson  born 2 Dec 1893 in Clear Creek, NY.  He died in St. Mihiel, France  30 Sept 1918, a casualty of World War I.

Christine Charlotte Ericson was born 17 Nov 1850 in Sweden.  She married John Westerberg.   Christine died in Norköping, Sweden 27 Oct 1911.  She and John had the following children:

Hilda Westerberg born in Sweden.

Jennie Westerberg  born Sweden.

Karl Westerberg born in Sweden.

Ida Charlotta Westerberg  born 30 April 1878.

Anders Gustaf Ericson was born 28 Dec 1858 in Sweden.  He married Augusta Amalia Samuelson.   Augusta died in 1917. "Gust" died 20 Sept 1940 in Ellington, NY.  He and Augusta had the following children:

Edna Ericson

Hubert Minton Ericson  born July, 1892

Clyde Oscar Ericson born June,1894

John Merrill Ericson  born June, 1896.  He died in 1947.

August Erickson was born 3 Aug 1859 in Sweden. He married Grace Jane Gilbert in August, 1896.  Grace died 23 Aug 1951.  August died 11 Aug 1932 in Ellington, NY.  August and Grace had the following children:

Robert Augustus Ericson born 9 Feb 1897

Alton Rudolph Ericson  born 4 Dec 1904

Henry Ericson was born 15 Oct 1861 in Sweden.  He married Christina Louise Munter. They lived on a farm near Kennedy, NY.   Christina was born 1 Sept 1869.  She died 24 Jan 1956.  Henry died 3 June 1933.  They had the following children:

Clifton Richard Ericsson

Clare Harlow Ericson

Ruby Anna Ericson

Harold Henry Ericson

Leonard Theodore Ericson

Fourth Generation

Charles Otto Ericson was born in Sweden 29 Mar 1870.  He married Gertrude (Unknown.) Gertrude was born 20 Mar 1873.  She died in 1940.  Charles died 1 May 1943.  Charles and Gertrude had the following children:

Arthur Ericson born 20 Nov 1895.

Harold Ericson  born 1900.

Ada Ericson born 1902.  She died in 1918.

Margaret Eva Ericson  born 1905.  She died in 1948.

Ida Christine Ericson  was born 10 Dec 1871 in Sweden.  She married Charles Sealy.  Charles was born in 1864.  Charles died in 1935.  Ida died 19 July 1949 in Kennedy, NY.

Ernest Augustus Ericson was born in Sweden 13 May 1973.  He married Lulu Mead.  They lived in Kennedy, NY.  Lulu was born 17 Jan 1875.  She died in January, 1927.  Ernest died 4 April 1944 in Kennedy.  Ernest and Lulu had the following children:

Constance Geneva Ericson  born 1 July 1903.

Paul Meredith Ericson born 30 April 1908.  He died in 1908.

Elwood Lawrence Ericson  born 8 April 1910.  He died in October, 1966 in     Kennedy, NY.

Emma Louise Ericson was born 13 May 1874.  She married John A. Farm in 1896.  John was born 10 Jan 1874.  He died in 1941.  Emma died 15 May 1927.  They had the following children:

Louis Emerson Farm  born 20 Nov 1896.

Clayton Julius Farm  born 20 Jan 1900.  He died in 1919.

Florence Louise Farm  born 23 Jan 1911.

Jennie Josephine Ericson was born 12 Sept 1876.  She married Charles Emory Davenport in 1898.   Charles was born 19 Feb 1877.  He died in 1961.  Jennie, who lived in Ashville, NY, died 8 Nov 1964.  Jennie and Charles had the following children:

Emory Charles Davenport  born 19 Oct 1899. He died in 1974.

Doris Bertha Davenport  born 27 June 1901.

Raymond Thayer Davenport  born 8 July 1903.  He died in 1985.

Lucile Grace Davenport  born 5 Dec 1905.

Genevieve Myra Davenport born 15 Feb 1908.  She died in 1994.

Ruth Ellen Davenport  born 19 July 1910.

Evelyn Mary Davenport  born 11 Oct 1912.

Marguerite Marie Davenport  born 23 Dec 1914.

Richard Harry Davenport born 7 May 1917.

Grace Elizabeth Davenport   born 7 July 1919.  She died in 1987.

Hulda Elizabeth Ericson was born 4 Mar 1881 in Sweden.  She married Swan Johnson, who was born in 1873.   Swan died in 1950 in Jamestown, NY.  Hulda died 23 Jan 1971.

Niles Gustaf Anderson was born 28 Sept 1881 in Sweden.  He married Bessie Blanche Eskin 25 Mar 1914.   Bessie was born 26 Sept 1884.  She died 9 Sept 1962.  Niles died 6 Nov 1947 in Oil City, PA.  Niles and Blanche had the following child:

Vern Albin Anderson  born 8 Aug 1920.

DeLos Gunnar Anderson was born in Sponga, Sweden 1 Dec 1884.  He married twice.  He married Beulah Gardner 23 Dec 1908.  Beulah was born in 1887, and died in 1945.  He then married Clarice Wellman.  Clarice was born 20 Jan 1895, and died in March, 1966 in Pompano Beach, FL.  Gunnar died 21 Nov 1967 in Buffalo, NY.  Gunnar and Beulah had the following children:

Joyce Helene Anderson  born 7 June 1910.

Inez Dorothy Anderson  born 13 May 1919.

Carl Sixton Rudolf Anderson was born in Sweden 6 Mar 1887.  He married twice.  He married Alberta Mary Haberer in January 1914.  Alberta was born 5 Dec 1889, and died in Buffalo, NY 16 May 1951 in Buffalo, NY.  He then married Lucy Mary Depew Case in Buffalo, NY on 23 Feb 1952.  Lucy was born 9 April 1894, and died in December 1971 in Canandaigua, NY.   Carl died 29 Dec 1952.  Carl and Alberta had the following children:

Mary Geraldine Anderson (living)

Jeanne Elizabeth Anderson born 10 June 1922.


Ruth Erica Anderson was born in Clear Creek, NY October 27, 1889.  She married Guy Lysander Whaley June 12, 1913.  Guy was born March 5, 1883.  Guy died April 13, 1949 in Salamanca, NY.  Ruth died October 1, 1962 in Salamanca, NY.  They had the following children:

                Vincent Emerson Whaley b. March 12, 1918, d. Nov. 4, 1942 at sea near                    Greenland.

                Virginia Mae Whaley  (living)

                Marilyn Jean Whaley (living)

Ida Charlotta Westerberg was born 30 April 1878 in Sweden.  She married (Unknown) Petterson, who was born about 1874.  Ida died in Kolmarden, Sweden 15 May 1953. Ida and her husband had the following children:

Karl Petterson

Sven Petterson

Knut Petterson 

Olga Petterson

Evald Petterson  born about 1916.  He died in Sweden in 1960.

Ebbe Petterson

Nils Petterson

Hubert Minton Ericson was born in July, 1892 in New York.  He married Bessie Sprague in 1911. Hubert died in 1952.  He and Bessie had the following children:

Edna Blanche Ericson

Richard Ericson died 1925

Hubert Sprague Ericson  born 29 Nov. 1914.  He died in 1916.

Harry Clyde Ericson 

William Hubert Ericson 

Dorothy May Ericson 

Jack Ericson

Clyde Oscar Ericson was born 6 June 1894.  He married Maude Pease on 29 June 1927. Clyde died in July, 1981 in Miami, Florida.  He and Maude had the following children: 

Dorothy Ericson

Jackie Ericson 

Robert Augustus Ericson was born 9 Feb. 1897.  He married Alice Richardson 1 Aug 1925. Robert and Alice had the following children:

Marilyn Ruth Ericson

Jean Ericson

Robert James Ericson

Marjorie Lou Ericson

Barbara Jane Ericson was born and died in 1938.

Alton Rudolph Ericson was born 4 Dec 1904.  He married Anna Hedin in 1924.  Alton died 9 October 1968.  Alton and Anna had the following children:

Linda Ericson

Philip Allan Ericson

Martha Ann Ericson

Sarah Louise Ericson

Mary Ericson, married Allen Peterson

Clifton Richard Ericsson was born in 1892.  He married Vina White in 1914.  Vina was born in 1892, and died in 1970.  Clifton died in 1959. Both are buried in Riverside Cemetery, Kennedy, NY.  Clifton and Vina had the following children:

George Richard Ericsson

Merle Clifton Ericsson

Ruby Anna Ericson married George Waite in 1915.  George was born 12 Aug 1889, and died in December, 1966 in Kennedy, NY.  Ruby died 17 Jan 1949.  She and George had the following children:

Clover Louise Waite

Lorraine Waite

Muriel Nalda Waite

Harold Henry Ericson married Doris Brainard in 1923.  They had the following children:

Eugene Claire Ericson

Shirleigh Brainard Ericson

Norman Dean Ericson

Janice Marie Ericson

   Fifth Generation

Constance Geneva Ericson was born 1 July 1903.  She married Dewitt C. Anderson.  Dewitt was born 7 July 1903, and died in December, 1984.  Constance died in 1994.  Both are buried in Riverside Cemetery in Kennedy, NY. 

Louis Emerson Farm was born 20 November 1896.  He died in 1977.                      

Florence Louise Farm was born 23 Jan 1911.  She married John Meli 9 Sept 1934.  John was born 20 Oct 1907, and died 27 Oct 1985.  Florence died 3 Jan 1974. 

Vern Albin Anderson was born 8 Aug 1920.  He married Marion Virginia Butler 18 Feb. 1947.   Virginia was born 18 Mar 1921. Vern died 21 July 1985 in Harrisburg, PA.  He is buried in Woodlawn Memorial Gardens there. 

Joyce Helene Anderson was born 7 June 1910.  She married Chester Kohlback in 1932.  Chet was born 30 April 1904, and died in September, 1973.  Joyce died 12 Jan 1997.

Inez Dorothy Anderson was born 13 May 1919.  Two husbands are known: Gerald Bissell, and Leroy Booser, whom she married in 1944.  Leroy was born 2 Dec 1910, and died 10 June 1990 in Florida.  Inez died in August, 1995 in Florida.

Mary Geraldine Anderson (living) married William Wahl (living).

Jeanne Elizabeth Anderson was born 10 June 1922.  She married Edward Coleman on 15 April 1944.  Ed was born 25 June, 1921, and died 2 May 1973 in Tonawanda, NY.  Jeanne died 14 October, 1995.  Both are buried in Mt. Olivet Cemetery, Tonawanda.

Virginia Mae Whaley (living) married Donald W. Banton (living).

Marilyn Jean Whaley (living) married Richard Clark (living).

Olga Petterson married Torvald Svanstrom.  Torvald was born in Sweden in 1908.  Olga died in 1979.

(Note:  I have omitted children of this generation to protect their privacy.  I have also tried not to include any vital statistics of living individuals in this generation.)

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