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The Wilcox Family

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This is my oldest family to date, and perhaps the one which evokes the most confusion.  There are as many theories to this ancestry as there are people researching it.  If only there weren't so many Daniels!  The Wilcoxes and the Stewards intermarried twice, so there is some duplication here.  See Lucy Steward and John Steward Sr. in the Steward family to find out more about these families.  This appears to be the most logical descendancy for my family.  If anyone has evidence to disprove it, I am more than willing to look at it. In the meantime, here's what I've found:


   Generation One

Daniel Wilcox was born in South Elkington, Lincolnshire, England, in 1565. He married Esebel (Unknown). Esebel was born in Lincolnshire about 1568.  Daniel died 25 Nov. 1605.  Daniel and Esebel had the following children:

               Thomas Wilcox - b. North Elkington, Lincolnshire. He was baptized 30 Nov.                  1589.   He married Susan (Unknown), and died after 1645.

               Anne Wilcox - b. 1 March 1590/91 in South Elkington, Lincolnshire. She                  died 30 Sept. 1593 in South Elkington.

                Ellen Wilcox - b. 1 Sept. 1594 in South Elkington, Lincolnshire. She died 23                  April 1599 in South Elkington.

                Alis Wilcox - b. about 1595 in South Elkington, Lincolnshire . She died 20                   May 1597 in South Elkington.

                Margret Wilcox - b. 4 Nov. 1597, died 6 Nov. 1597 in South Elkington.

                Francis Wilcox - b. 20 Dec. 1598 in South Elkington, Lincolnshire.

               John Wilcox - b. 8 August 1602, died 29 Nov. 1602 in South Elkington.

            +  Edward Wilcox - b. before 12 Feb. 1603/04.


Generation Two

Edward Wilcox was born in South Elkington, Lincolnshire, England.  He was baptized 12 February 1603/04. He married twice.  He married Mary (Unknown) in Croft, Lincolnshire, England in 1628/29.  Mary died in June, 1630, in Croft, where she was buried 7 June 1630.   Edward then married Susanna Thompson 12 May 1631. Susanna was baptized 6 September 1607 in Orby, Lincolnshire. Susanna died in Providence, RI. Edward died in April, 1660 in Portsmouth, RI.

Edward and Mary had the following child:

                Daniel Wilcox - b. in Croft, Lincolnshire. He was baptized 24 June, 1630. He                  died in September, 1630 in Croft, where he was buried on 22 September, 1630.

Edward and Susanna had the following children:

             + Daniel Wilcox - b. 4 March 1632/33.

                Stephen Wilcox - b. 6 Dec. 1634 in Croft.  He married Hannah Hazard in                   Portsmouth, RI 30 January 1657/58.  Hannah was born in Boston, MA 10                   September 1637.  She died in Westerly, RI.  Stephen died about 6 February                   1690 in Westerly.

             + Mary Wilcox - b. 1639.

Generation Three

Daniel Wilcox was born in Croft, Lincolnshire, England 4 March 1632/33.  He married twice.  He married (Unknown) about 1655.  He then married Elizabeth Cooke 28 November 1661 in Portsmouth, Newport Co., RI.  Elizabeth was was born in 1647 in Plymouth, MA. She died 6 December 1715 in Tiverton, MA (which later became Tiverton, RI). Daniel died 2 July 1702 in Tiverton.

Daniel and his Unknown wife had the following children:

                Daniel Wilcox - b. 1656 in Portsmouth, Newport Co., RI. He married Hannah                   Cook. Daniel died in 1692.

                Samuel Wilcox - b. about 1659.  He married twice. He married Esther Cook.                   He married Mary Wood.

Daniel and Elizabeth had the following children:

                Sarah Wilcox - married Edward Briggs in Dartmouth, MA in 1692. Edward                  died   11 May 1718.  Sarah died in 1751 in Tiverton, RI.

                Judith Wilcox

                Job Wilcox

                Mary Wilcox - b. 25 Feb. 1661/62 in Dartmouth, MA.  She married John Earle                   in 1686.  John died in 1728.  Mary died in 1735 in Tiverton, RI.

                Stephen Wilcox - b. about 1668 in Massachusetts.  He married twice. He                   married Judith Barnard Briggs.  He married Susannah Briggs 9 February                   1694/95. Susannah was born 14 March 1671/72, and died 16 October 1719 in                   Dartmouth, MA.  Stephen died 13 November 1736 in Dartmouth.

             + John Wilcox - b. 1670

                Thomas Wilcox - b. 1672. He died 9 September 1712.

                Lydia Wilcox - b. about 1675.  She married twice.  She married Thomas                   Sherman 26 June 1702. He was born 8 August 1658. She then married Thomas                   Potter 8 December 1720.

                Edward Wilcox - b. 1675/76 in Tiverton, RI. He married Sarah Manchester in                   Tiverton in 1699. 

                Susannah Wilcox - b. about 1680 in Dartmouth, MA. She married Jonathan                   Head 7 December 1704 in Little Compton, Newport Co., RI.

Mary Wilcox was born in 1639.   She married Eber Sherman.  Eber was born in Roxbury, MA in 1634.  He died in N, Kingston, RE in 1706.  Mary and Eber had the following children: 

                Eber Sherman - b. in N. Kingston, RI

                Samuel Sherman - b. in N. Kingston, RI

                Stephen Sherman - b. in N. Kingston, RI

                Elisha Sherman - b. in N. Kingston, RI

                William Sherman - He married Abigail Palmer.

                Peleg Sherman

                Abigail Sherman

Generation Four

John Wilcox was born in Rhode Island in 1670.  He married Rebecca (Unknown) in 1698. John and Rebecca had the following children:

                Jacob Wilcox - b. 14 October 1699

             + Daniel Wilcox - b. 25 February 1700/01

Generation Five

Daniel Wilcox was born 25 February 1700/01 in Little Compton, Newport Co., RI. He married Sarah Hart in Tiverton, RI in 1723. Sarah was born 7 January 1702/03. Daniel died in 1780.  He and Sarah had the following child:

              + Daniel Wilcox - b. 1734

Generation Six

Daniel Wilcox was born in 1734 in Stonington, CT. He married Hannah Wilbur in Richmond, Washington Co., CT,   31 December 1761. Hannah was born about 1735 in Richmond, CT.  Daniel died before 7 June 1803 in Stonington.  Daniel and Hannah had the following children:

             + Stephen Wilcox - b. 8 August 1762

                Nathan Wilcox

                Mahala Wilcox -  b. about 1763/4.  She married twice. She married John Tice.                   She married Hezekiah Wilcox 19 May 1793. Hezekiah was born in 1769 in                   Orange, NY.  Mahala died in 1860.

                Noah Wilcox - b. 1789 in Stonington, CT

Generation Seven

Stephen Wilcox was born 8 August 1762 in Rhode Island.  He married Sabra Palmer in Stonington CT 4 March 1782. Sabra was born 15 October 1763 in Stonington. She died 20 January 1849 in Busti, Chautauqua Co., NY. Stephen died 15 September 1846 in Busti. Both are buried in the Wilcox Cemetery in Busti, NY.  They had the following children:

             + Stephen Wilcox (Jr.) b. 2 Oct. 1784

             + Eunice Wilcox  b. 23 Feb 1787

                Ephraim Wilcox  b. 2 April 1792. He first married Lucy Ingraham 20 June                   1811 in Frankfort, Herkimer Co., NY. Lucy was born 9 June 1792, died 16                   November 1836. He then married Diadama Mead, who was born in 1793.                   Ephraim died 26 January1877 in Jamestown, NY. Ephraim and Lucy are buried                   in Wilcox Cemetery in Busti, NY.

             + Abel Wilcox  b. 1794

                Alfred Wilcox  b. 1798, d. 1833

             + Lura Wilcox  b. about 1800

                Roxanna Wilcox  b. about 1802.  She married Adin Russell.

Generation Eight

Stephen Wilcox, Jr. was born in Herkimer County, NY 2 October 1784.  He married Lucy Steward 1 January 1804.  Lucy was born 19 September 1783, and died 1 November 1859 in North East, PA.  Stephen died 17 April 1847 in Blockville, NY. Both are buried in Blockville Cemetery.  They had the following children:

                John Wilcox

             + George Steward Wilcox  b. 9 February 1810

Eunice Wilcox was born 23 February 1787 in Stonington, CT. She married John Steward, Sr. in Bridgewater, NY 26 December 1805. John was born 14 June 1786 in Frankfort, Herkimer Co., NY, and died 15 April 1826 in Busti, Chautauqua Co., NY.  Eunice died 17 May 1875 in Busti.   Both are buried in Greenwood Cemetery in Panama, Chautauqua Co., NY.  Eunice and John had the following children:

(Note:  See the Steward Family page for descendants of these children.)

            Alfred W. Steward

            Elizabeth Steward 

            John Steward Jr.  b. 21 October 1806

            Sardius Steward b. 29 October 1808

            Lucy Steward b. 28 December 1810

            Stephen W. Steward  b. 1812

            Baname Steward  b. in Harmony NY about 1813

            Eliphalet Steward  b. 22 February 1815

            Almira Steward  b. 1817

            Alexander Steward  b. December, 1818, d. 11 March 1819 in Harmony, NY

            Cornelia Steward  b. 11 January 1820

            Rhoda L. Steward b. 16 March 1822

Abel Wilcox was born in Stonington, CT in 1794.  He married Patience Akin. Patience was born in 1796.   Abel died 24 April 1839, and is buried in Stillwater Cemetery in Kiantone, Chautauqua Co., NY.  Abel and Patience had the following children:

             + Abel Wilcox Jr.  b. about 1818

                Patience Wilcox  b. about 1820, d. 5 June 1827. She is buried in Stillwater                   Cemetery in Kiantone, NY.

Lura Wilcox was born about 1800.   She married Edward Akin.  Edward was born 13 July 1800, and died 29 July, 1892.  He is buried in Stillwater Cemetery in Kiantone, NY. Lura and Edward had the following children, all of whom are now buried in Stillwater Cemetery:

                Ransom J. Akin  b. about 1830, d. 26 October 1902.

                Edward Akin, Jr.  b. 1836, d. 1901.

                Marcy Ann Akin  b. 17 March 1842, d. 13 August 1855.

                Laura Akin  b. 10 January 1846, d. 12 March 1855.

Generation Nine

George Steward Wilcox was born 9 February 1810 in Herkimer Co., NY.  He married Abigail Smith 14 December 1837. Abigail was born 4 May 1821. She died 22 February 1904. George died 4 April 1886. Both are buried in East Ripley Cemetery in Ripley, Chautauqua Co., NY.  They had the following children:

                Alsa Eliza Wilcox    She married (Unknown) Jones.

                Lucy Wilcox   Lucy never married.

                Wallace William Wilcox

                George Cornelius Wilcox

                Angeline E. Wilcox   She married (Unknown) Shafer.

                Eunice Eleanor Wilcox   She married (Unknown) Newlove.

                Richard Marion Wilcox

                Arthur Smith Wilcox

             + Amy Ida Wilcox   b. 20 November 1844.

Abel Wilcox Jr. was born about 1818 in South Valley, Cattaraugus Co., NY.  He married Caroline (Unknown).   Abel died 6 June 1850, and is buried in Stillwater Cemetery in Kiantone, Chautauqua Co., NY.  Abel and Caroline had the following child:

                Jackson Wilcox    Jackson died 15 February 1846, buried in Stillwater                  Cemetery.

Generation Ten

Amy Ida Wilcox was born in Blockville, NY 20 November 1844. She married William H. Barnes 30 December 1869. Amy died 15 February 1915 in Ripley, NY. They had the following child:

             + Jay Wilcox Barnes  b. 31 January 1881

Generation Eleven

Jay Wilcox Barnes was born in Ripley, NY 31 January 1881.  He married Lucy Bartlett 20 February 1907.  They had the following children:

                William Bartlett Barnes  b. 24 September 1911 in Evanston, WY

                Grace Elsa Barnes  b. 3 January 1913 in Grand Junction, CO

                Muriel Janet Barnes  b. 20 July 1914 in Evanston, WY


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