Anyone interested in genealogy knows of the hardships and long journeys made by our ancestors, to venture to this new world.  As I delved deeper into my family's past, it became important to me to see where my family entered this country, and get a sense of what they felt when they landed on these shores.  So, in June, 2001, I headed for New York, to try to capture that moment.  I was not disappointed. Though you have probably seen many similar photos, I hope you enjoy seeing my visit.

Castle Garden

All of my family came to America before Ellis Island opened.  A major entry point between 1855 and 1890 was Castle Garden, formerly Castle Clinton. The buildings still exist, at the southern end of Manhattan, on the mainland where you catch the ferry to visit the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island.  Our earlier immigrants have not been forgotten here, though Castle Garden has been overshadowed by the sheer numbers of those who came to Ellis Island.


Entrance to Castle Clinton.jpg (34836 bytes)

This is the entrance to Castle Garden.  Our immigrant ancestors were processed here before Ellis Island opened.  

Castle Clinton Wall Plaque.jpg (51201 bytes)

This plaque is on the wall at Castle Clinton/Castle Garden.

Immigrants Statue at Castle Gardens.jpg (50462 bytes)

The above statue, called "The Immigrants" is in the courtyard on the Castle Garden grounds.  It makes a powerful statement of the emotions our ancestors must have felt.  Below is the inscription from the statue.

Inscription from Castle Garden Monument.jpg (42528 bytes)


The photo below actually was taken in the subway. The picture on the wall depicts the immigrants landing at Castle Garden.  What a great find this was! 

Landing at Castle Gardens.jpg (55071 bytes)


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