Strange Events


I don't know about others, but I have had some strange things happen since I started my ancestor search.  I can't explain them, and maybe I don't want to.  I prefer to believe that my family is enjoying my quest, and are sending signs to tell me of their approval.  Here are some of my stories.


   We had just parked the car to make a quick check of a local cemetery.  I left my purse in the car with my boyfriend, as I just wanted to check a couple of headstones. As I closed the car door, the cell phone in my purse rang.  George, my boyfriend, called me back to answer it.  When I did, there was no one there.  This is not an unusual occurrence, except that the cell phone was turned OFF. (I very seldom have it turned on, except when I want to make a call.  Only four people have my cell phone number.)  Was someone telling me I was wasting my time in that cemetery?  I didn't find anyone there I was looking for.  I can't explain it.  Can you?


  It was a nice day when we left home for a day of wandering through cemeteries.  Our destination was a two-hour drive from home.  About an hour into the trip,  the skies darkened, and the rain came down.  We decided to continue anyway, but were convinced the trip would be a wash-out.  As we approached the first cemetery, the clouds parted, and the sun came out.  What luck!  And the cemetery yielded several family members, so the trip was a success.  We decided to continue to our next stop, even though it was getting cloudy again. This was also a fruitful visit. I found the ancestors I was looking for, and some I didn't expect to find there.  We took our notes and pictures, and barely got back into the car when the skies opened up again.  We decided that we had pushed our luck far enough, and would head back home.  The windshield washers were going full speed, and the visibility was terrible.  We had to pass through the town where the last cemetery on my list for the day was located, so we decided we would locate it for a future trip.  We had to ask for directions, and headed up the cemetery road.  Just as we approached, the rain stopped again.  We were able to find everyone I was looking for there, too.  I wonder who was controlling the weather that day?


I have framed photographs of several ancestors hanging on the wall going up the stairs to the second floor of my house.  I returned home after an evening of reading microfilm at my local LDS Family History Center, to find one of the pictures on the floor at the bottom of the stairs.  How odd, I thought.  I picked up the photo, which had landed face up, and was happy to see the glass wasn't broken, and the frame was undamaged. As I looked further, I was even more puzzled.  The nail on which the picture hung was intact on the wall.  The hook on the back of the picture was secure.  The picture hung at the top of the stairs, above two others.  Those two pictures were not disturbed.  If the picture had fallen off the wall, it would have hit those pictures, and surely the railing beneath them.  The floor at the bottom of the stairs is ceramic tile.  No one else was in the house that evening. Why wasn't the picture damaged, and how did it get off the wall?  Is somebody playing a game with me?


Genealogy and ghosts go together, don't they?  Check out  My Ghosts in Gettysburg page.


And what will be next?  I'll keep you posted.............



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