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First Generation

Anders Carlson was born in Sweden about 1836.  He died in Sweden. He married Bertha (Unknown) in Sweden before 1850.  Anders and Bertha had the following children:

(Female) Andersdotter was born in Sweden (date unknown)

Female) Andersdotter was born in Sweden (date unknown)

Lars Wilhelm Anderson was born in Sweden 20 August 1850.


Second Generation

Lars Wilhelm Anderson was born in Ärila, Sweden, 20 August 1850.  He married Sophia Anna Ericson in Eskilstuna, Sweden 27 April 1879.  Sophia was born in Sweden 12 February 1848.   They emigrated to America in 1889. Lars died April 25, 1903 in Clear Creek, NY.   Sophia died March 10, 1923 in Kennedy, NY.  They had the following children:

Gerda Marie Anderson  b. Sweden April 11, 1860.  She died April 9, 1885.

Niles Gustaf Anderson b. September 28, 1881.

Anna Rebecca Anderson b. Sweden April 9, 1883.  She died Nov 22, 1885.

Delos Gunnar Anderson b. December 1,1884.

Carl Sixton Rudolf Anderson b. March 6, 1887.

Ruth Erica Anderson b. October 27, 1889.

Vern Albin Anderson was born in Clear Creek, NY December 2, 1893.  He died  September 30, 1918 in St. Mihiel, France during WW I.              

Third Generation

Niles Gustaf Anderson was born in Ärila, Sweden September 28, 1881.  He married Bessie Blanche Eskin March 25, 1914.  Bessie was born September 26, 1884.  Niles died November 6, 1947 in Oil City, PA.  Bessie died September 9, 1982.  They had the following child:

Vern Albin Anderson  b. August 8, 1920


Delos Gunnar Anderson was born in   Spönga, Sweden December 1, 1884.  He married Beulah Gardner December 23, 1908.  Beulah was born in 1887. Beulah died in 1945. Gunnar and Beulah had the following children:

Joyce Helene Anderson  b. June 7, 1910

Inez Dorothy Anderson  b. May 13, 1919

Gunnar then married Clarice Wellman.   Clarice was born January 20, 1895.  She died in March, 1966 in Pompano Beach, FL. Gunnar died Nov. 21, 1967.


Carl Sixton Rudolf Anderson was born in Sweden March 6, 1887.  He married Alberta Mary Haberer January, 1914.  Alberta was born December 5, 1889.  She died May 16, 1951 in Buffalo, NY.  Carl and Alberta had the following children:

Mary Geraldine Anderson  (living)

Jeanne Elizabeth Anderson  b. June 10, 1922

Carl also married Lucy Mary Depew Case February 23, 1952. Lucy was born April 9, 1894.  She died December, 1971 in Canandaigua, NY.  Carl died December 29, 1952 in Buffalo, NY.


Ruth Erica Anderson was born in Clear Creek, NY October 27, 1889.  She married Guy Lysander Whaley June 12, 1913.  Guy was born March 5, 1883.  Guy died April 13, 1949 in Salamanca, NY.  Ruth died October 1, 1962 in Salamanca, NY.  They had the following children:

Vincent Emerson Whaley b. March 12, 1918, d. Nov. 4, 1942 at sea near                    Greenland.

Virginia Mae Whaley  (living)

Marilyn Jean Whaley (living)


Fourth Generation


Vern Albin Anderson was born in Oil City, PA, August 8, 1920.  He married Marion Virginia Butler (living) on Feb. 18, 1947.  Vern died in Harrisburg, PA July 21, 1965.  

Joyce Helene Anderson was born June 7, 1910.  She married Chester Kohlback in 1932. Chet was born April 30, 1904.  He died in Sept., 1973.  Joyce died January 12, 1997 in Clarence, NY.

Inez Dorothy Anderson was born May 13, 1919.  She married twice:  Gerald Bissell, then Leroy Booser in 1944.  Leroy was born Dec. 2, 1910.  He died June 10, 1990 in Tarpon Springs, FL. Inez died in August, 1995 in Florida.

Mary Geraldine Anderson (living) married William J. Wahl (living).

Jeanne Elizabeth Anderson was born June 10, 1922 in Buffalo, NY.  She married Edward F. Coleman on April 15, 1944.  Ed was born June 25, 1921.  He died May 2, 1973 in Tonawanda, NY.  Jeanne died October 14, 1995 in Buffalo, NY.

Virginia Mae Whaley (living) married Donald Wesley Banton (living).

Marilyn Jean Whaley (living) married Richard Alan Clark (living).

(Note:  Details of living relatives are not included, to protect their privacy. I am  not including the children of this generation, also to protect their privacy.)

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