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The Coleman Family


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            John S. Coleman                


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        The John S. Coleman Home                                       The Coleman Family Monument                Dunkirk   NY                                                         St. Mary's Cemetery, Dunkirk


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This is one of my mystery families!  Were David and Bridget born under rocks? And who would name their child Theobald?  No wonder his family put "David" on his tombstone. Somewhere out there are records to show who David's parents were. And if he had siblings. The same goes for Bridget.  When did they come to America? How did a man with an Irish name come to be born in Germany?   Were his parents Irish, who first went to Germany? Was the surname changed from something like Kohlmann? So many questions. . . . . . .

First Generation

Theobald (David) Coleman was born about 1826 in Germany.   He married Bridget Halpin in Dunkirk, NY 28 October, 1854.  Bridget was born in Ireland about 1829.  David died in the Civil War in a battle at Hatchers Run, VA on 29 October 1864.  Bridget died 5 September 1887.  David and Bridget are buried at St. Mary's Cemetery in Dunkirk, NY.  They had the following children:

Mary E. Coleman b. 1855, d. abt. 9 Nov. 1860

John S. Coleman  b. 20 November 1856

Frank J. Coleman  b. 29 October 1859.        

Joseph Coleman  b. 14 Nov. 1861, d. about 12 Dec. 1862


Second Generation

John S. Coleman was born in Dunkirk, NY  20 Nov. 1858.  He married Elizabeth Gordon on  2 Sept. 1886.  Elizabeth, from Wellsville, NY, was born in May, 1863.   John died in Dunkirk 12 June 1907, and is buried in St. Mary's Cemetery there.   Elizabeth died 31 January 1929.  John and Elizabeth had the following children:

David Thomas Coleman  b. July, 1887

Margaret Coleman  b. February 1889

Mary Elizabeth Coleman  b. 26 April 1890

John Edward Coleman  b. 6 June 1895

Leo G. Coleman  b. June 1897

Cecile Coleman  b. 11 December 1898

Francis Coleman  b. 1900, d. 1913 in Dunkirk, NY

Helen Coleman  b. 8 September 1903.  Helen married twice, first to Elmer Scott.  She then married Carl Guenther in Buffalo, NY 16 August 1946.  Carl was born 2 August 1900.  He died in July 1967.  Helen died in January 1981.

Frank J. Coleman was born in Dunkirk, NY  26 October 1859.  He married Margaret A. Peck. Frank died 5 February 1934 in Dunkirk, NY. Frank and Margaret had the following children:

                  + Anna Louise Coleman b.1884

                      Francis Miles Coleman  b. 1889, d. 1890

                      John Coleman  b. 1892, d. 1892

                      George Coleman  b. 1892, d. 1892

                  + Thomas Raymond Coleman  b. 1893


Third Generation


David Thomas Coleman was born in July, 1887.  On 19 November 1912, he married Florence Johanna Meiers.  Florence was born in Dunkirk, NY  8 November 1889.  David died in Schenectady, NY in 1957. Florence died in 1989.  David and Florence had the following child:

John David Coleman  b. 1914.  Jack married Katherine Gertrude Donohoe in April, 1952.  Jack died in Schenectady, NY in 1958. Katherine died in New Brunswick, Canada 24 June, 1985.                           

Margaret Coleman was born in February, 1889.  She married George Hof.  Margaret died in 1938.  She and George had the following children:

George Hof, Jr. (living) married Ruth Anne Moore (living)

Robert Hof  (living) married Eileen (Unknown) (living).

Mary Elizabeth Coleman was born in Dunkirk, NY  26 April, 1890.  She married Thomas Heffernan.   Mary died in October, 1985 in Dunkirk.  Mary and Tom had the following child:

Elizabeth Virginia Heffernan  b. 20 Feb. 1921.  She married Malcolm Clarence Reed in Dunkirk, NY  20 Sept. 1941. He was born 13 April 1915, and died 19 June, 1994.  Betsy died 20 Jan. 1997.

John Edward Coleman was born in Dunkirk, NY  6 June, 1895.  He married Carolyn E. Merchant.   Carolyn was born 17 March 1897 in Lakewood, NY. John died in Kenmore, NY,  10 October, 1944.  Carolyn died in Kenmore, NY 13 March 1989. Both are buried in Mt. Olivet Cemetery, Tonawanda, NY.  John and Carolyn had the following children:

Edward Francis Coleman  b. 25 June 1921, married Jeanne Elizabeth Anderson b. 10 June 1922.  Ed died 2 May 1973 in Buffalo, NY.  Jeanne died 14 October 1995. Both are buried in Mt. Olivet Cemetery in Tonawanda, NY.

                William Gordon Coleman (living) married Dolores Goldsmith (living).

James Rexford Coleman b.  21 March 1924, d. 21 March 2001 married Harriet Janice Starr b. 27 January 1928, d. 5 November 2000.

Joan Elizabeth Coleman b. 28 May 1931, d. 9 April 2001 married William Power (living).

Leo G. Coleman was born in June 1897.  He married Pat (Unknown.)  He later married Ruth (Unknown).  Leo died in Middleport, NY in 1965.  Leo and Pat had the following children:

                Thomas Coleman  b. unknown

Richard L. Coleman  b. 27 November 1928.  He married Florence Fowlow (living).   Dick died 25 October 1992 in Niagara Falls, NY.  He is buried in Lewiston,  NY in the Gate of Heaven Cemetery.

Cecile Coleman was born 11 December 1898.  She married Donald Conway.  Cecile died in November, 1983.  Cecile and Don  had the following children:

                    Virginia Conway   married William May.

                    Barbara Conway  married Gerald LeFevre.  Jerry was born 29 August 1928.                       He died 1 February 1975, and is buried in Mt. Olivet Cemetery,  Tonawanda,                      NY.

Anna Louise Coleman was born 5 October 1884. She married Harry Sievert on 18 July 1916.  Harry was born 21 May 1895, and died 22 March 1963.  Anna died 31 October 1961.   They had the following children:

                    Jackson Sievert b. 14 August 1919, d. 25 April 1980 in Dunkirk, NY. He                       married Grace Hinkel.

                    Guy Sievert  (living) married Sara Mancuso (living).

                    Glenn William Sievert b. 27 July 1923, d. 2 April 1966. He married Eleanor                      Kurowski. Eleanor was born in 1926, and died in 1997. Both are buried in                      Forest Hill Cemetery in Fredonia, Chautauqua Co., NY.

Thomas Raymond Coleman was born 7 July 1893.  On 17 August 1921 he married Francis Edith Larson-Kinney. She was born 6 January 1897, and died 15 January 1933.On 1 July 1944 he married Clara Brown. Clara was born in 1897, and died in 1994. Ray died 5 April 1958.  He and Clara are buried in St. Mary's Cemetery in Dunkirk, NY.

Ray and Francis had the following children:

                    Olga Coleman  (living)

                    Donald Coleman  b. 30 May 1925. He married Hisae Otsu in Japan in 1954.                      Hisae was born 13 April 1932, and died 30 April 1991. Donald died 17                      November 2000 in Ft. Lauderdale, FL.

(Note: Details of living relatives are not included, to protect their privacy.  Children of this generation are not included, also to protect their privacy.)

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