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The Merchant Family

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Richard & Carrie Merchant and Family

This is a very popular family to research.  Of course, when that happens, there is conflicting information.  I've done my best to be accurate with the data I have to date, using some logic to fill in where I don't have primary sources. 

The Merchant family name is often shown as Marchant.  From what I can find, the two names are interchangeable, especially in the earlier generations.  I'm listing the names as I've found them, so you could very well see them intermixed.

Please feel free to contact me about this family, and correct any obvious errors.

Generation One

John Marchant was born about 1595/1600 in Yeovil Parish, Somerset, England. He married Sarah (Unknown). They emigrated before 1625, and lived in Newport, RI, Watertown, NY, and Yarmouth, MA.  John died in probably Yarmouth, MA.  They had the following child:

   + John Marchant


Generation Two

John Marchant was born in 1625 in Yarmouth, MA.  He married Sarah (Unknown).  They had the following children:

Mary Marchant - b. 20 May 1648, d. 20 May, 1648 in Yarmouth, Barnstable Co., MA.

+   Abishai Marchant (Merchant)

John Marchant, Jr. - b. abt. 1653, d. 19 June, 1672 in Yarmouth, MA.

Charles Marchant - b. abt 1655 in Yarmouth, MA.

Christopher Marchant - b. abt. 1658 in Yarmouth, MA.

Sarah Marchant - b. abt. 1661 in Yarmouth, MA.  She  married twice.  She first married Richard Arey.    She married second, Thomas Harlock, on 16 November 1696.

Joseph Marchant - b. abt 1666 in Yarmouth, MA. He married Ann (Unknown.)


Generation Three

Abishai Merchant was born in Yarmouth, Barnstable Co., MA 10 January 1650/51.  He married Mary Taylor. Mary was born about 1649 in Yarmouth, the daughter of Richard Taylor and Ruth Weldon. Mary died  1 February 1717/1718 in Yarmouth, MA. Abishai died about 1712 in Yarmouth. They had the following children:

Samuel Marchant - b. 1673 in Yarmouth, Barnstable Co., MA, He died in 1676.

Jabez Marchant - b. about 1675 in Yarmouth. He died in 1676.

Hannah Marchant - b. about 1677 in Yarmouth.  She married Matthew Pease 13   March 1702/03. 

John Marchant - b. 1679/1680 in Yarmouth.   

Elizabeth Marchant - b. about 1681 in Yarmouth.  

+ Samuel Merchant - b. 1683 in Yarmouth.  

Ebenezer Marchant - b. about 1685 in Yarmouth.  He married Bethia Day Willet 24 December 1719.

Jabez Marchant - b. about 1687 in Yarmouth. He married Mary Babson 12 Jan 1721.                   


Generation Four

John Marchant was born in Yarmouth, Barnstable Co., MA about 1679/80.  He married twice, first to Hepsibah Huxford, about 1706. Hepsibah was born about 1688 in Edgartown, Dukes Co.,   MA, and died about 1721 in Martha's Vineyard, Dukes Co., MA.. He then married Elizabeth Daggett. Elizabeth was born in 1692 in Tisbury, Dukes Co., MA, and died in 1764 in Edgartown.  John died 1 February 1767 in Edgartown.

Samuel Merchant was born in Yarmouth, Barnstable Co., MA in 1683.  He married Joanna Gage.   Joanna was born in Harwich, MA about 1680.  Samuel died in 1758 in Yarmouth, MA.  They had the following children:

John Merchant - b. about 1705 in Stratford, Fairfield Co., CT., d. 1732 in Stratford.

Nathaniel Marchant - b. 4 December 1709 in Yarmouth, Barnstable Co., MA.

Samuel Marchant - b. 27 October 1711 in Yarmouth.

Hezekiah Marchant - b. 27 May 1713 in Yarmouth.

Lemuel Marchant - b. 27 January 1714/15 in Yarmouth.


Generation Five

John Merchant was born in Stratford, Fairfield Co., CT about 1699.  He married Sarah Gilbert August 24, 1724 in Stratford, CT.  Sarah also was born in Stratford, on Nov. 10, 1705.  John died in 1734 at 35 years of age.  Sarah died April 7, 1788.   John and Sarah had the following children:

+  Gurdon Merchant

Anne Merchant

+  John Merchant - b. May 5, 1725


Generation Six

Gurdon Merchant was born 5 May 1725 in Stratford, Fairfield Co., CT. He married Eleanor Chauncey on  9   December 1747.  Eleanor was born in Fairfield, CT about 1729, and died about March, 1801.  Gurdon was the first treasurer of Redding, CT.  He died 6 November, 1770. Gurdon and Elinor had the following children:

Amelia Merchant - b. about Feb. 5, 1749

Chauncey Merchant - b. Feb 25, 1753

John Merchant - b. about Aug. 31, 1756

Elinor Merchant - b. Jan. 28, 1758

Gurdon Merchant - b. March 16, 1760

Joel Merchant - b. June 6, 1762

Phebe Merchant - b. May 20, 1764

Silas Merchant - b. May 8, 1766

John Merchant was born in Stratford, CT May 5, 1725.  He married Prudence Stoddard June 3, 1756.  Prudence was born in Woodbury, CT Sept 24, 1740.  John died in 1803. Prudence died in March, 1828 or 1829 in Amenia, Dutchess Co., NY. John and Prudence had the following children:

Abel Merchant - b. Oct. 25, 1756 in Woodbury, CT.  He married Mary Grummond July 5, 1781.  Abel died in 1820.

Joanna Phebe Merchant - b. Sept. 20, 1759.  She married John Randall April 20,  1780. She died January 27, 1821 in Wallingford, VT.

Lucinda Stoddard Merchant - b. Nov. 15, 1761.  She married Reuben Rogers.  

Truman Merchant - b. Mar. 5, 1764

Sarah Merchant - b. Sept. 16, 1766 in Amenia, Dutchess Co., NY. She married Elijah Reed, who was born March 12, 1766, and who died March 31, 1836 in Jamesville, NY.

Phebe Merchant - b. Nov. 11. 1768.

Eliakim Merchant - b. July 17, 1771 in Amenia, NY.  He married Charity Birge,    who was born in 1780, and who died in 1850. Eliakim died in 1851.                      

John Merchant - b. April 11, 1776 in Armenia, NY. He married Eliza Closson, who was born in Charleston, RI August 7, 1786, and who died July 14, 1867 in Lyons, Wayne Co., NY.  John died March 11, 1867 in Lyons, NY.

Abigail Merchant - b. Nov. 5, 1778 in Armenia, NY.  She married Abram McMillan.

Stoddard Merchant - b. July 23, 1782.  He married Matilda Owen.

Elizabeth Merchant - b. Nov. 5, 1788 in Armenia, NY.  She married Thomas Rogers October 5, 1809.  She died September 5, 1887.


Generation Seven

Chauncey Merchant was born Feb. 25, 1753 in Redding, CT.  He married Hannah Hamilton. Hannah was born in 1755. Chauncey died in 1804 in Redding.  Chauncey & Helen had the following child:

Benjamin Merchant - b. 1775

Truman Merchant was born March 5, 1764 in Dutchess Co., NY.  He may have married twice. He married Margaret Sackett in Dover, NY June 6, 1790.  Margaret was born about 1775, the daughter of Richard Sackett and Chloe Atherton. She died 30 December 1843. Some evidence points to a second marriage to  Margaret Van Rensselaer.  Truman died Jan. 31, 1841 in Fenner, Madison Co., NY.  Truman and a Margaret, wife of Truman, are buried in Wilson Cemetery in Fenner.   Which Margaret? Cemetery records say it is Margaret Van Rensselaer, but the dates match those from the Sackett family for Margaret Sackett.  Ah. . . . another mystery!

   Truman and Margaret Sackett had the following children:

+ Laura Merchant  b. April 30, 1795.

Prudence Merchant

William Merchant - b. 1792

+ Amos Merchant - b. July, 1797

+ Abel Merchant - b. Dec. 24, 1799

+ Chloe Sackett Merchant   b. July 8, 1804

+ Chauncey Merchant - b. Feb. 13, 1810

Phebe Merchant was born  November 11. 1768, and died February 23, 1851 in Canandaigua, Ontario Co., NY. She married Elijah Hurd. Elijah was born in August, 1767 in Lanesboro, MA, and died November 21, 1828 in Canandaigua, NY. He was the son of Jedediah Hurd and Abigail Barker (Baker.) Phebe and Elija are buried in Woolhouse-Hunn Cemetery, Canandaigua, NY.  They had the following children:

Maranda Hurd b. 1790 in Woodbury, CT

William Hurd  b. 1792 in Woodbury, CT

Harry Hurd  b. 1796 in Woodbury, CT

Elijah Hurd  b. in Connecticut.  He married Hannah (Unknown.)

John Hurd  b. 1800/01 in Ontario Co., NY

Asa Hurd  b. 1803 in Ontario Co., NY.  He married Sarah Beebe. Sarah was born in 1810.

Reuben Hurd  b. about 1805.  He married Eliza (Unknown.)


Generation Eight

Benjamin Merchant was born in 1775.   He married Sarah Bradley in 1796.  Sarah was born in 1776.   They settled in DeRuyter, Madison Co., NY. Sarah died in 1838.  Benjamin died in 1812.  They had the following child:

Abigail Merchant - b. 1812

Prudence Merchant married Lucius Brigham.  They had the following children:

Emma Brigham

Alice Brigham

Fred Brigham

William Merchant was born in 1792.   He married Nancy Dexter Frink.  Nancy was born in 1800.   She died in 1891.  William died in 1873.  Both are buried in East Randolph Cemetery in East Randolph, Cattaraugus Co., NY.  They had the following children:

George Merchant

Alanson E. (Lansing)  Merchant

Pauline Merchant

Helen Merchant

Frances (Fanny) J. Merchant - b. 1842

Laura Merchant  was born April 30, 1795.  She married Hosea Robbins in Dutchess Co., NY. Hosea was born August 24, 1796, and died April 20, 1852.  She died December 26, 1859  in Amboy, Lee Co., IL.  They had the following children:

Arthur Robbins  b. 1823

Chauncey Merchant Robbins  b. November 18, 1828, d. September 16, 1882.  He married Angeline Perkins.

John Robbins  b. 1833

Truman Robbins  b. 1839

Amos Merchant was born in July, 1797 in Cazenovia, NY.  He married Almira Eliza Stannard. Almira was born in Bennington, VT March 7, 1801.  She died Dec. 29, 1867 in Napoli, Cattaraugus Co., NY.  Amos died March 15, 1887 in Napoli.  Both are buried in Axeville Cemetery in the town of Connewango, Cattaraugus Co., NY.  Amos and Almira had the following children:

Betsey Merchant

Chester Merchant

Warren W. Merchant  b. Feb 18, 1819

Miranda Merchant   b. 1821

Truman Merchant  b. 1823

Reuben Merchant  b. Jan 25, 1828

Alzina Merchant - b. abt 1831

Abel Merchant was born in Fenner, Madison Co., NY, December 24, 1799.  He married Polly Woodworth.   Polly was born September 24, 1805 in Albany Co., NY.  She died March 3, 1881 in Napoli, Cattaraugus Co., NY. Abel died October 1, 1886 in Napoli.  Both are buried in Chappel Cemetery in Napoli, NY.  They had the following children:

William Redington Merchant - b. March 4, 1827 in Napoli. He married Mary Elizabeth Gates Aug 21, 1850.   He died October 1, 1896 in Napoli.

Diana Merchant - b. June 16, 1828.  She married John Newton Henry Sept. 20, 1847.

Hulda Merchant - b. May 22, 1830.

Andrew Merchant - b. December 23, 1831.

Harriet Merchant - b. September 29, 1834.  She married (Unknown) Nash.

Milton J. Merchant - b. July 18, 1836, d. November 18, 1862. He is buried in Chappel Cemetery in Napoli.

James Merchant - b. August 10, 1839.

Mary Jane Merchant - b. October 18, 1842, d. March 14, 1844. She is buried in  Chappel Cemetery in Napoli.

Lafayette Merchant - b. October 16, 1844, d. October 19, 1851.  He is buried in Chappel Cemetery in Napoli.

Maryette E. Merchant - b. March 25, 1846.  She married Spencer Hubbell in 1867. He was born November 7, 1844. 

Chloe Sackett Merchant  was born July 8, 1804.  She married Asaph Hall February 26, 1823.  Asaph was born in 1801, and died in 1836. Chloe died July 15, 1880, in Indianapolis, IN.  They had the following children:

Cordelia Hall  b. May 3, 1824.  She married George W. Shipley.

Betsey Hall  b. January 9, 1827, d. July 20, 1843

Charles T. Hall  b. 1829, d. 1855.  He married Lucy Brandt.

Mary Jane Hall  b. September 16, 1832.  She married George Washington Thomas.

T. W. Hall b. June 6, 1835, d. April 25, 1873.  He married Harriet Beeler.

Chauncey Merchant was born in Madison Co., NY Feb. 13, 1810.  He married Helen VanZile Delaney.   Helen was born April 10, 1812 in Madison Co. Chauncey was a farmer, who died Dec. 25, 1882.  Helen died April 28, 1903.  Both are buried in the Town of Busti, Busti Cemetery, Chautauqua Co., NY.    They had the following children:

Sally Ann Merchant (note: Sally Ann could be Elizabeth)

Mary Merchant  b. January 3, 1837

George W. Merchant - b. May 11, 1838, d. November 30, 1921in Jamestown, NY. He married Jennie Thompson March 6, 1864.  Jennie was born November 23, 1842, and died January 20, 1866.  Jennie is buried in Russell, PA. He married Mary Dunn November 5, 1869 in Kiantone, NY.  Mary was born in 1850 and died in 1925. George and Mary are buried in Busti Cemetery, Busti, NY.

Elizabeth Merchant - b. November 5,1839.  It appears that Elizabeth (Lizzie) never  married. She was living with her brother Richard and her mother in 1900. She died May 7, 1904 and is buried in Busti Cemetery, Busti, NY.

Sheldon Joseph Merchant  b.  November 2, 1843, d. August 13, 1928 in Brookfield, MO. He married Lucinda Elizabeth Riggs May 5 1869 in Linn Co., MO.

John Merchant  August 2, 1841, d. March 18, 1920 in Marion, IN.  He married twice. He married Helen Gaistin.  He married Lydia McCollum.

Royal Merchant  b. August 22, 1846, died September 24, 1847.

Thomas Merchant  b. about 1847.

+ Richard T. Merchant  b. April 25, 1851.


Generation Nine

Abigail Merchant was born in 1812.   She married Augustus S. Gardner in 1832.  Augustus was born in 1808, and died in 1892.  Abigail died in 1886.  They had the following child:

Sands D. Gardner - b. 1840.

Frances J. (Fanny) Merchant was born in 1842.  She married Simeon Alvaro Rexford in Chicago, IL January 7, 1959.  Simeon was born April 10, 1832, and died in 1920.  Fanny died in 1901.  They had the following children:

Nellie Elmira Rexford - b. September 28, 1861 in Pilot, IL

Mattie Estella Rexford - b. September 14, 1865 in Pilot, IL

Harriet Mabel Rexford - b. April 7, 1874 in Grant Park, IL

Frank Leslie Rexford - b. April 17, 1877 in Grant Park, IL

Edgar Adelbert Rexford - b. October 12, 1880 in Grant Park, IL

Warren W. Merchant was born February 18, 1819.  He married twice.  He married Mehettable Wood in 1840.  She was born March 2, 1822, and died March 2, 1863.  She is buried in Axeville Cemetery in the town of Connewango, Cattaraugus Co., NY.  He then married Electa F.(Unknown). Warren died April 29, 1894, and is also buried in Axeville Cemetery. 

Warren and Mehettable had the following children:

Charles T. Merchant - b. May 14, 1844

Lafayette Merchant - b. August, 1846

Ella D. Merchant - b. August 10, 1852

Austin Merchant - b. 1856

Adelbert Merchant - b. 1861

Warren and Electa had the following child:

Elida D. Merchant - b. July 10, 1869.  She died February 25, 1871, and is buried in                  Axeville Cemetery.

Miranda Merchant was born in 1821.   She married Dr. Edwin Leffingwell.  Edwin was born in 1810 and died in 1878.  Miranda died in 1866.  Both are buried in Axeville Cemetery.   They had the following children:

Edwin Leffingwell

Sarah Leffingwell    Sarah married (Unknown) Davis.

Elzina Leffingwell

Ellen Leffingwell

George Leffingwell

Clayton Leffingwell

Clara Leffingwell

Alice Rose Leffingwell - b. 1855, d. 1873.  She is buried in Axeville Cemetery.

Truman Merchant was born in 1823.   He married Mary Ann Bigler. They had the following children:

Orlando S. Merchant - b. October, 1845

Emerelda Merchant - b. about 1847

Viola D. Merchant - b. 1849, d. November 6, 1875.

Silva L. Merchant - b. about 1852

Frank E. Merchant - b. March 17, 1854

Pauline C. Merchant - b. about 1856

Marcella Merchant - b. about 1859

Reuben Merchant was born January 25, 1828 in Cazenovia, Madison Co., NY. He married Calpurnia Carl. She was born November 25, 1833, and died March 4, 1909 in Napoli, Cattaraugus Co., NY. Reuben died May 27, 1904 in Napoli.  Both are buried in Axeville Cemetery in Connewango, NY.   They had the following child:

Elmer D. Merchant - b. about October 29, 1862, d. April 4, 1863.  He is buried in            Axeville Cemetery.

Alzina Merchant was born about 1831.  She married Smith Clark.  They had the following child:

Della N. Clark - b. about 1858

Richard T. Merchant was born April 25, 1851 in Cattaraugus Co., NY.  He married twice.  He first married Florence (Unknown).  Florence was born June 8, 1852.  She died Feb. 13, 1883.   He then married Carrie Ett Rexford Feb. 8, 1885 in Panama, Chautauqua Co., NY. Carrie was born October 2, 1866 in Harmony, Chautauqua Co., NY. Richard died Nov. 28, 1900 in Celeron, NY. Carrie remarried about 1917 to Jacob Dunn, and died in 1928. Florence, Richard and Carrie are all buried in the Town of Busti, Busti Cemetery, Chautauqua Co., NY.

Richard and Florence had the following child:

Mary D. Merchant - b. June 2, 1878, d. March 2, 1883.  She also is buried in Busti Cem.

Richard and Carrie had the following children:

+ Charles C. Merchant  b. July 23, 1887

Helen M. Merchant  b. May 19, 1889  in Lakewood, NY.   She married John Holzer.  John was born February 2, 1893, and died December 21, 1975 in San Diego, CA. Helen died August 27, 1951 in San Diego, CA.

+ Mary Florence Merchant  b. June 30, 1893

+ Carolyn E. Merchant b. March 17, 1897

+ Rue DeWitt Merchant  b. Oct. 25, 1898

+ Harriet Steward Merchant  b. July 25, 1901

Generation Ten

Sands D. Garner was born in 1840.   He married Ellen M. Waterman in 1867.  She was born in 1841, and died in 1914.  They had the following child:

Cora M. Gardner  -  She married John E. Small.

Charles T. Merchant was born May 14, 1844.  He married Ella DeLand.  Ella was born in 1851, and died in 1923.  Charles died in 1927.  They had the following child:

Hattie A. Merchant.  She married John Johnson.  They had two children, names unknown.

Orlando S. Merchant was born in October, 1845.  He married Harriet R. Frary, February 11, 1868.   Harriet was born February 11, 1851 and died in 1933. Orlando died in 1932.   They are buried in East Randolph Cemetery, Cattaraugus Co., NY.  They had the following child:

Truman W. Merchant  b. 1877, d. 1894, buried in East Randolph Cemetery.

Frank E. Merchant was born March 17, 1854 in Napoli, Cattaraugus Co., NY.  He married Nancy Milks on December 2, 1875. Nancy was born March 12, 1858, and died July 24, 1928 in East Randolph, NY. Frank died July 28, 1930.  Both are buried in East Randolph Cemetery. They had the following child:

Johnnie T. Merchant  b. 1885, d. 1887.   He is also buried in East Randolph Cemetery.

Charles C. Merchant was born in Lakewood, NY July 23, 1887.  He married Sadie Moyer. Sadie was born December 21, 1892, and died August 30, 1997 in Los Angeles, CA. Charlie died November 2, 1971 in Falconer, NY.  Charlie and Sadie had the following child:

William Eugene Merchant born November 5, 1919.  He died January 28, 1952.

Mary Florence Merchant was born in Lakewood, NY June 30, 1893.  She married Perl Laurens Kimball in Jamestown, NY Jan. 30, 1913.  Perl was born in Jamestown, NY April 21, 1890.  He died Aug. 12, 1981.  Mary died Oct. 21, 1962.  Mary and Perl had the following children:

Richard Allen Kimball  b. Feb. 25, 1918 in Jamestown, NY.  He died March 12, 1992 in Frewsburg, NY.                       

Robert Laurens Kimball  b. Jan 28, 1920, in Jamestown, NY. He died in Rochester,  NY.                    

Carolyn Elizabeth Merchant was born in Lakewood, NY   March 17, 1897.  She married John Edward Coleman about 1920.  John was born in Dunkirk, NY  June 6, 1895.  He died Oct. 10, 1944.  Carolyn died March 13, 1989 in Kenmore, NY.  Carolyn and John had the following children:

Edward Francis Coleman b. June 25, 1921, d. May 2, 1973 in Tonawanda, NY

William Gordon Coleman (living)

James Coleman b. March 21, 1924, d. March 21, 2001 in Rockville MD.

Joan Elizabeth Coleman b. 28 May 1931 d. 9 April 2001 in Mountain View, CA.

Rue DeWitt Merchant was born in Lakewood, NY Oct. 25, 1898.  He married Jean Baird in 1940.  Jean was born September 22, 1905, and died March 29, 1995 in Orange Co., CA. Rue died in Los Angeles, CA  May 13, 1975.  Rue and Jean had the following child:

Richard Merchant (living)

Harriet Steward Merchant was born in Lakewood, NY   July 25, 1901.  Hattie married Ernest Sheldon Olofson Sept 11, 1922.  Ernie was born in 1901.  He died in 1957 in Jamestown, NY.  Hattie died in January, 1987 in Getzville, NY.  Both are buried in Lake View Cemetery in Jamestown.  Hattie and Ernie had the following children:

Barbara Ann Olofson (living)

Marilyn Jean Olofson (living)

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