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Ann's Family Tree

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             WHO AM I?            

When I started to do this research not too long ago, I never expected to become so involved.  All I was hoping to do was to put down on paper a list of relatives, so that those who follow me would know who I was.  Now I find myself writing to people I haven't seen in years, combing the Internet, and wandering through cemeteries looking for a familiar name.  It is said that if you pass a cemetery, and wonder if you have a relative buried there, then you are obsessed with genealogy.   Well, I guess that's me!

I was born a ColemanBut is that who I am?   It's not my surname now, as it changed to Oelheim when I was married.  I'm also an Anderson, a Gordon, a Haberer, a Merchant, a  Rexford , a Steward, a Wilcox, a Michels (or Mitchell), an Ericson, a Delaney (or Delainey), a Halpin,  and probably the descendant of many more families for which I haven't found names yet. When someone asks me what my nationality is, I don't have a single answer.  My family originated in Ireland, Sweden, Germany, England and Alsace-Lorraine, with probably a lot of other places thrown in that I don't know about yet.  I have a grandfather who came from Sweden in the late 1800's, and can trace other family who have been in America since the early 1600's.

I have a lot of gaps to fill.  I have many names for which I know they are relatives, but am not sure of their relationship yet.  I need to complete many dates and places.  I have run into roadblocks, but I have made a lot of progress.  Every time I think I should  "take a break" for awhile, a new relative pops up, and off I go again!  I have renewed contact with a lot of "lost" family as a result of my quest.  Thanks to each of you who has volunteered their families to this site.

On the pages which follow, I will share what I know, in hope that maybe somebody can fill in a blank, or can use what I have to add a twig to a branch of their tree.  I may have more information about an individual on these pages, or may have details on living descendants, which I didn't feel comfortable publishing here.  Feel free to send me a note, give me advice, or just browse around a little.   Maybe we can all find out more about just who we are.

Just click above on the name you would like to view. Use the "Find" button in your browser to search the name you are looking for.   Have fun, and happy hunting.

New! See where many of our ancestors entered our country.  Share my visit to Castle Garden, Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty.


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